Emanuele Mazzotta. Software Engineer.

Career Summary

I discovered programming as my passion at the age of 12 after creating my first website. In 2014 I had finished a 4-year software engineering apprenticeship which taught me a lot about Web, Java and Python development, as well as methodologies such as Clean Code, test-driven development, agile software development and much more. I've now worked in banking, e-commerce, insurance and a startup which deals with hardware and IoT. I enjoy taking advantage of all my skills, to work on frontend, backend, operations and architecture.

Areas of Expertise

Practices Test driven development. Pair programming. Agile. Lean. Scrum. Kanban. Continuous Delivery.
Languages Python. Java. JavaScript. React.js. C.
Mobile Responsive Design. React Native. Android.
Ops AWS. Nginx. Terrafrom. Rancher.
Tools Docker. Git. Webpack. GoCD. Datadog. VIM.


Software Engineer @mikafi GmbH in Zurich, Switzerland

January 2021 – Present • 3 years 6 months

At mikafi I'm responsible for the architecture, setting up the infrastructure and creating the software needed for the IoT communication from an android-based tablet to an STM32-based coffee bean roaster.

Software Engineer @3AP AG in Zurich, Switzerland

September 2018 – October 2020 • 2 years 2 months

At 3AP I delivered new features for our clients in the insurance business using Java (Spring Boot & Micronaut), Groovy (Spock), Docker and React.js. I've successfully deployed, maintained and extended a web-application allowing the users to chose their health insurance options and conclude a contract online. I was also responsible for integrating with a third-party API to allow ad-hoc underwriting (risk management).

Software Engineer @siroop AG in Zurich, Switzerland

December 2015 – August 2018 • 2 years 9 months

At siroop I worked on various Python web-applications both internal and external client facing.
I helped siroop move to a modern dockerized micro-service architecture by working on the Python applications, AWS Lambdas and the infrastructure supporting the siroop software landscape, by setting up and working with scalable infrastructure as code. I spent most of the time developing new features for the web shop and was able to hone my software craftsmanship skills.

Owner @pleXius GmbH in Winterthur, Switzerland

October 2017 – Present • 6 years 9 months

At pleXius I lead a small team of 2 developers and develop tailor made solutions for clients. I wear many different hats: Tech Lead, Product Owner, Scrum Master, System Administrator, System Engineer and Software Engineer.

Software Engineer @UBS Switzerland AG in Opfikon, Switzerland

August 2014 – November 2015 • 1 year 4 months

After transitioning from apprentice to full-time employee at UBS I continued working on various Java and Python projects in the Global Equities Derivatives space. I closely collaborated with our internal customers and helped successfully deliver working iterations every sprint.

Software Engineering Apprentice @UBS Switzerland AG in Zurich, Switzerland

August 2010 – July 2014 • 4 years

For the first 1.5 of my apprenticeship I learned about IT and how to develop software. The remaining 2.5 years I started developing applications with a hands-on approach within a team at UBS Investment Bank. I had 2 mentors in my team which helped me grow professionally. I've worked on over 10 different projects covering payments, trade bookings, regulatory checks, reconciliation and trade details enrichment.


September 2015 – July 2019
3 years 11 months
B.Sc. in Computer Science @ZHAW
One-year scholarship awarded


German / Swiss German Mother tongue
Italian Mother tongue
English Certificate in Advanced English C1 (Grade A)
French Diplôme d’Etudes en langue française B1
Spanish Basic knowledge

Other activities